GeoSem your visiting card - exchanging, donating or keeping
GeoSem has been derived from Greek basic words, significating earth signs (geo = earth, Gem = sign). Geosem had been designed for the geocaching as an object of exchange. In contrast to Geocoin and Travel Bugs, the GeoSem can be exchanged and kept.
A GeoSem is similar to a coin - made of metal with a diameter of 30 mm. "" and a serial (unique) number is printed on the backside. The front side offers free space for creativity; photos, drawings and paintings are possible to be printed on and it will be sealed at the end with SurACer.
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Why GeoSem?
The virus "Geocaching" infected us also! With the cache search, we prefer the classical geocaches for exchange. Mostly, we are being disappointed by the contents of the container, therefore we leave the "shifting" of bulky plush animals, toys, trailers, etc. from one cache to another. But we have been thrilled by the beautiful, large Geocoins.
Now, we have searched for objects we could delight the following cache-visitors with. So we soon found the "pathtags". But the long shipping times and transport ways across America via China to Europe didn´t convince us. Of course, there are alternatives "Made in Europe" available - but we still haven’t found them.
You have found a GeoSem – what next?
Congratulation! Now it is your term to decide what is happening next! You can collect it, give it to someone or put it back into the cache. Of course, it would be great if you could report the GeoSem’s location. First of all, you have to register and after that you can report movements. If you are logged in, the following should be displayed: You are logged in as (user name). If this is the case, you can type in the GeoSem’s number (under Suchen/Bewegen = search/move). After sending the query, a book symbol appears. Click onto the book symbol and the data can be processed.
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